Monday, September 3, 2012

Getting her groove on! [and other news]

So Popcorn will be 5 month old this week. Where did the time go?  A few months ago, she was a non-mobile newborn baby lump. Now she's a drooly, wiggly infant.  She has been diligently working on the physics of motion and is now able to get herself where she wants to be.  She has several manuevers, each of which works to a varying degree.

 The Roll is her signature move.   She rocks back and forth a few times, then uses the momentum to turn herself over. This is very effective, except when she gets her arm stuck under her.

She is working on the Booty Scooty, wherein she raises her butt-parts up and uses her feet to scoot forward.  The downside is the dragging of her face across the blanket.

Her latest move is the Flipper. It's more of a method of turning that utilizes a much smaller turning base.
In other news, Astronaut is enjoying 6th grade and the iPad that comes with it. He had is first school dance this past Friday and missed it. He was trying so hard to be nonchalant that he got the time mixed up. Poor kid.  I worry about him having friends.  He's kind of introverted and it could be perceived as unfriendliness.

Princess is doing fantabulous, being in 4th grade and the oldest of the crew in elementary school. She has been selected to function as a :"tour guide" for community members who visit the school.  Awesome sauce.

Squirrel got her assistant from last year as her teacher from this year. That rocks!  Her eczema is still widely flaring. We finally were able to get a referral to a new allergist and, as I suspected, she developed new allergies.  Her list is now
Severe: Peanuts and tree nuts
Mild: dairy, eggs-new, dust, dogs, mold-new, cockroaches-new
Fun. And by fun, I mean absolutely no fun at all.  The good news is I am seeing improvement since we cut the eggs. She still looks like she's wearing an eczema suit, though.

Side Salad goes to schools starting this Friday. I cannot wait!  He is super excited Okay, TTFN. I need to catch some ZZZZs, but before I go:
I knew you'd like it.