Thursday, July 21, 2016

Goodbye, Nexplanon!

**WARNING: This whole post is going to be TMI but I think it is important to talk about these things**

So today I had my Nexplanon removed.  I ended up going alone since the Mechanic overslept (as well as some other drama).  It was the fastest doctor's appointment I have ever had. Seriously. Like they must have sensed my fear and told the good Doctor see me posthaste.  My appointment was at 9:30 & I was out the more door before 10.
I had it removed for several reasons, the first being that my 3 years were up. That was the least important thing, though.
The main issue I had was heavy and frequent bleeding.  The average blood loss is 30-40 mL.  Heavy is 60-80 mL. Or so says the NHS.  I knew I was heavy but I really had no way to quantify it. So I stuck with it for the full 3 years. Also, I was scared to have it removed. The insertion had already traumatized me.

Then I switched to the Diva Cup.  In 24 hours, I bled about 3 0mL. 

And I go for DAYS. 13-15 each month. probably 6 of those are heavy days.  6 × 30 mL is 180 mL.  Add in the not heavy days and I had to be losing at least 200 mL a month.
Let's do the math:
  • Normal=30-40 mL
  • Heavy=60-80 mL
  • Me=200+ mL

My iron level was a little over 9 in February.

The thing is, I knew it was bad but I couldn't quantify how bad until I had the Diva Cup.

There are other issues, possibly caused by the devil's matchstick.  I lost a LOT of weight.  Double edged sword: I'm definitely toting extra pounds but I'm really getting questionable.  Y'all know how people get when you lose weight.  I developed fibroid tumors. I'm too young for fibroids.   And my uterine tissue is going rogue.  I've developed a condition called adenomyosis.  Basically, my uterine tissue is growing into the walks of my uterus .

It hurts. The cure is a hysterectomy . Mine isn't bad, though, and we're going to see if it progresses after the demon splinter is gone and reassess the situation then.

So my doc and I agreed it had to come out and out it came.
As far as the removal, it was scary because I'm a sissy. I shed a few gangster tears.  The needle hurt, the numbing meds tingled. After that, I could only feel the pressure and pulling.  Mine had moved and was encapsulated in scar tissue.  It literally took like 5 min because my doc went slow.  I couldn't bear to watch and I didn't record, which sucks in hindsight.

Funny, such a small thing but such a big issue.

Have you tried Nexplanon or Diva Cup for that matter?  What were your experiences like?