Monday, February 25, 2013

The Restashing Project, Part Three

Restashing has be an absolute joy!  I have found another diaper that I LOVE!

Mary from Timbutt2oos created this fluffy goodness for Popcorn/Sugarbaby (we're going through a name change).This package consists of one fitted, one hybrid fitted, a wet bag and half a dozen wipes. If ever there was a contender for my dear lovefluff ODCs, I have found it.

Before I gush about my dipes, let me tell you a little about Mary's customer service. I detest poor customer service. I don't like sellers who are non communicative or very curt or unprofessional. Mary is super sweet and kept me updated on my fluff status with pics. PICS.  I LOVE that. I will most definitely be ordering from her again, like today.

The dipes themselves are thick and plush, just the way I like them. They are not too bulky but they are one sized dipes so there is some bulk as Sugarbaby/Popcorn is a skinny minnie.  They have a nice soft velour snap in soaker and another lay in soaker underneath. I am a big fan of detachable or semi attached soakers to help reduce dry times so this is a plus.  The Punky Pirate print I got specifically to match an Olive Jane cover I got a while back.  The Diva Kitty has the cutest detachable ruffle. It is a hybrid fitted.  We all know I love fitteds but I hate covering them. Well, Mary added an extra layer of fleece on the inner so that it won't soak through as quickly. Not only is she super nice, she's super SMART!  The result is I get to adore my dipes.

Not that these soak through quickly.  I am impatient so when I got them, I immediately slapped one on Sugarbaby so I could take a pick:

Or three.  Don't judge me.  Sugarbaby took a piddle in one and only the front of the top soaker was wet.  It was just barely damp on the back, the second soaker and outer were dry.  That was the regular fitted, not the hybrid.  

Since I've gotten them, the Punky Pirate is in our regular rotation.  I'm saving Diva Kitty for April, her first birthday {time flies...}.  I have no complaints. 

The wet bag is adorable and I love the grommet and toy.  It's perfect for a day out in my diaper bag. I estimate it'll hold 4-6 dipes.  The wipes are soft and the serging is tight.  Great quality for the price.  

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A quickie!

Restashing is going well.  I've fallen in love anew with another brand.  I have a great review coming up and-my first sponsored giveaway!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A bowl of delicious

I like potatoes. This is evidenced by my generous curves.  I also like to try new recipes.  Plus, cooking from scratch allows me to control what's in the food-which is vital when you have a child with food anaphylaxis.

I picked up some leeks the other day on a whim and the first recipe that came up when I googled was this potato and leek soup. I love potatoe soups in general and I had most of the ingredients so I gave it a whirl.

Dear Baby Jesus,  thank you for Google.

It was AH-MAZING.   It also smelled absolutely divine!

I made a few changes-no white pepper ot white wine, because I had none. I also added garlic because I love it so. I also separated some for Princess before adding the cream. I tried to take step by step pics but after a while I stopped.

I attempted to control portions by serving it in mugs but that just caused my family to forgo spoons and drink it.  It was that good.

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Restashing Project, Part 2

Other than my beloved ODCs, I have no allegiance to any brand and I love a good deal. I love fitteds but they can be pricy. I was browsing the Etsy-verse and found Greenchild Creations. Well, dog my cats! Popcorn was fluff poor so I ordered 2 flannel fitteds, 1 bamboo/cotton twill fitted, and one fleece soaker. I added snaps to my diapers, an optional feature. There was also a promotion going (spend $50, get a free flannel fitted) so I paid less than $75 for four diapers , a cover, AND shipping.And now, without further ado, my reviews.
Customer service:The sweet mama who runs the shop was a joy to work with. She shipped quickly and even added snaps to my free dipe for free.
Quality: WAHM dipes never cease to amaze me with their quality and these are no exception. They are lovingly made and the prints are adorable. The pink bamboo velour is already a fave around here. It's deliciously soft and squishy.
What makes 'em special: These fitteds are more of a pocket-fitted amalgamation.  They have three layers of fabric: the outer, the inner, and the "flap." They DO NOT come with a soaker. Instead,  they have an open interior between the outer and inner. I toss a microfiber insert inside, then lay the flap over the top. The result is a reasonably absorbent fitted that is nice and trim.

Final Verdict: I like them. Especially the pink bamboo/cotton twill combo. The lack of a soaker was a bit off putting at first but I found that the trimness and the ability to customize the absorbency made up for it nicely.  They dry super quick and the softness is amazing.  Popcorn is a itty bitty and they fit her perfectly.  (I also put one on Side Salad to test the one sized-ness and was able to snap it on his 40-something pound frame.  He then ran off to show the other kids.)
Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Restashing, Part I

So I've finally begun to rebuild my stash and it's crazy fun.  I just scored an ODC on Spots.  If you've been here long or on my old blog, you know I love my Oranges.  This one Lettuce selected (or, to be fair, he saif the print was nice which I interpretedas permission to buy).

I am too in love to be objective so just enjoy this photo collage.