Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Somewhere in the blur of work, grocery shopping, and weekly doctor appointments for Squirrel, a holiday snuck in.


I have a tumultuous relationship with All Hallow's Eve. Some years I go all out with homemade, entire family themed costumes. Other years I sequester myself in with my porch light off and eat the candy my kids got from school. Unfortunately for the kids, this year leaned towards the latter.  I blame it on a midweek holiday and a stressful health situation. Poor Princess was so psyched.

At the very last minute though, I decided to take the kids out. Last minute costumes were the order du jour.

Popcorn was a panda, of course. I say of course bc it's the official baby costume. And of course the head disappeared. What else would it do? I put a black hat on her and kept it moving.
Side Salad was Lettuce. He *thinks* he wad a cowboy. I implore you to look at the pic and decide for yourself. He was supposed to be Venom but refused to wear his costume. I gave him a 'stache with eyeliner
Squirrel was a vampire. This is very good because she initially didn't want to be anything. She waz all eyeliner and fangs.
Princess was a "Hollywood Starlet," complete with fancy make up, a fur boa, and my club wig. Don't judge me.
Astronaut was a homicidal maniac. They look just like everyone else.

Okay, it is picture time for you and bed time for me.

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