Monday, January 14, 2013

Goals, resolutions, whatevs

I don't like the word resolutions as it pertains to those of the new year kind.  They reek of failure.  I do have goals, though, and I thought I'd share them.

#1 Financial Goals: I'd like to increase my credit score. This recession took a toll on our finances. My credit score took a hit of about 100 or so points and I'm sick over it.  We have no savings left at all.  It sucks and we really need to buy a house like next year.
-Increase my credit score by 100 points. Duh.  I want my points back.
-Save some dough. I'm doing this gradually. I started saving by putting a dollar in an envelope the first Sunday od the year. The second Sunday I'll put in two dollars. Next Sunday, three dollars. And so on. The last Sunday, I'll put in $52. And I'll have over $1300 saved. Do the math. It's real.
-Get a full time position at my beloved school.  Preferably in the science lab. Or 2nd grade. Or third. Or fourth. Shoot, even fifth.

#2 Health: Other than my obscene cholesterol, I'm good.  Obscene like it has never been below 250. Even when I was a kid.  That's related to genetics, not diet.  But I want to better.
-Eat less red meat and pork.
-Eat more veggies.
-Dust off my work out DVDs and get jiggy with it.

#3 Personal: Continuing the theme of the best me,
-Spend more one on one time with each kid. Now that popcorn is getting big, that should ve easier.
-Spend more time with the hubby.
-journal consistently.

Do you have any life goals for the new year?

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