Friday, March 29, 2013

Sugarbaby has a cold

This is no fun for me.  She is fussy and demanding all night.  But It's not like her regular brand of demanding. It's something much worse. 

Usually she just demands to have all night access to the milk bar. Fine with me, she can feed herself. When she's sick, though, she wants more. Much more.

Sugarbaby's list of demands:
#1 access to the milk bar for pinches-she just pinches me over and over again like she wants me to be equally miserable.
#2 my pillow-she lays on it. Except when she doesn't.
#3 my head-she lays on it, too. Except when she doesn't.
#4 my abdomen-she lays across it. The better to pinch me; I guess.

I must not have met her demands because she woke me up Wednesday morning by sneezing a mass of sticky, yucky baby snot on my left eye.  I had to shower to get it off.

Get well soon, sugarbaby.

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