Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baby Wearing: The Next Frontier (giveaway alert!)

I’ve flirted with baby wearing over the past 11 ½ years of mommying. I had a Snuggli with the Astronaut, but he was a bit of a chunky dunk and grew quickly. It was heck on my back and I gave it up. I used a Snuggli with the Squirrel, too. It lasted a little longer because she was a lot smaller than he was. I wasn’t truly crunchy IMO until Side Salad arrived. I wore him in a Hot Slings pocket sling (the old fashioned sized one, not the new fancy adjustable). It was great. I pulled it out today and he wanted to get it. (of course I let him!)

Now that Popcorn is due in 10 weeks, I am trying to start to consider thinking about getting things together. We’ve had several kids so we have a lot of stuff. The only things we need are an infant car seat, a few newborn dipes (bamboo prefolds preferably), a couple of new snappis, and carriers.
Baby wearing is great because it keeps your LO close and comforted while also allowing you to have your hands free. This is a plus when you already have your hands full with 4 other kids. They are convenient because you can just tuck them in your purse or diaper bag. It’s also far less bulky than toting an infant seat around. Plus many carriers are just plain pretty.   For a breastfeeding mama like me, they also let you nurse your bambino.  They give you some coverage to abate those who are aroused by babies eating, too.

I know that I definitely want to gett two carriers for this LO, maybe three. I know I want a stretch wrap and a ring sling and it might be nice to have a SSC/buckle, too.   I’ve been researching carriers for the past couple of weeks. I think that Comfy Joey has the prettiest ring slings I’ve ever seen and I’m am hearting one in the Seville linen. It’s an olive green, and green is my fave color. The Cleopatra silk and Terra Cotta linen are gorgeous, too.  I think a Moby wrap in a nice olive or a brown would be pretty fancy, too, but my heart belongs to ring slings. They just fit my style and my lifestyle. I still have my camo pocket sling.  I haven’t picked the SSC I want but I’m going to a playdate with a local babywearing groups so I’ll try a few there and see what flies.

Anywho, I said there’d be a giveaway alert. Renewable Mommy blog is giving away a Comfy Joey sling (or a $75 credit for a custom sling).  Mosey on over there and see if you win.

And if you do, get the Seville and send it to me!

Do you baby wear?

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