Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dear Santa

I've been such a good girl this year.  I know it's been a tight year but it would be lovely if you could place the following items under my tree.
-a Keurig coffee machine so I can break my Starbucks habit
-a Starbucks card...who am I kidding. I'll still go by when I'm out
-an Otterbox for my SIII. 
-a new SIII since I cracked my screen and scratched the back of mine.
-or an iPhone 4s or 5 AND a LifeProof
-LOTS of diaper money.  Lots.
-more books, e or print. Specifically, the new Philippa Gregory, some more Octavia Bulter, or some Pearl S. Buck.
-world peace, says my altruistic side



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