Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rebuilding my stash

<p dir=ltr>First,&nbsp; my dryer belt popped.&nbsp; Then, we got it fixed. Then, the washer started to go.&nbsp; Then,&nbsp; the dryer belt popped again.</p>
<p dir=ltr>This is disastrous to a cloth diapering family.&nbsp;&nbsp; We washed when we could, but I didn't have a huge stash to begin with.&nbsp; We finally got a new washer and then, yesterday, we got the dryer fixed!

However, some of my dipes are destroyed beyond repair. Not all of them but a few of my faves are gone. I can't even bear to type their names. I'm heartbroken. And now,I need new dipes.   I mean Popcorn needs new dipes.  I've been eying some but due to some paycheck funny business, courtesy of my job, my bank account status has put the kibosh on my purchasing.

Soon, though...Fresh Oranges...bumGenius...

Any suggestions for my restashing effort?

As a side note, we are accepting cloth for Christmas, if yiu

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