Tuesday, April 2, 2013

50 things about me

I got this idea from blog I've been frequenting lately and I thought it would be a great way to share things about me.  For the record, I'm starting this at 8:43 pm on November 28.   We'll see how long this takes.
1. I'm a Sagittarius.
2. My mother, my oldest daughter,  and I have the same middle name.
3. I love me some Facebook.
4. I love playing board games with my brothers.
5. I'm the oldest of four and the only girl.
6. I have five kids.  
7. When I was in third grade, I wanted to live on a farm with my eight kids.
8. In my senior book,  I wrote that I wanted 3 boys.
9. I had my first child when I was 18. I had been out of high school four months.
10.  I didn't know I was pregnant until I was about six months.  He kicked.
11. I breastfed all my babies, sometimes for a pretty long time. As of February 2013, 56 months and counting.
12. My husband is 3 years younger than me.
13. We met at Burger King.  I worked there.
14. I have a B. A. in elementary education.
15. I scored in the top 15% of test takers on the PLT. I have never taught full time but I'm still certified.
16.  I'm three classes shy of my M.Ed.
17. Grilled cheese sammies are my fave.
18. Cilantro disgusts me. It tastes like soap.
19. I love each of my kids the best. They are each my favorite.
20. I cloth diapered my last two kids.
21. No, my tubes aren't tied. 
22. I don't know if I want more kids.
23. I like going to the movies by myself from time to time.  I can see what I want and I don't have to share my snacks.
24. I still want go live on a farm.
25. If I was super rich, I'd buy an island and go off grid.
26. I recently relaxed my hair.  I needed a change. It was a hard, hard choice.
27. I don't eat many veggies.
28. I eat lots of ice cream.
29. I took 3 years of French (I, III, & IV) and 2 years of Latin I'm high school.
30. I took Spanish in college.
31. I'm not fluent but I can speak passable Spanish
32. 4 of my kids have Hebrew names. The other's name is Welsh bc it was the only one on which we could agree.
33.  All of my girls' names have to do with water: dew from heaven, autumn rain,  and a brook or stream.  Water calms me, even though I'm a fire sign.
34. I drive American cars. Especially Dodges.
35. I love Modern Family.
36. And Real Housewives of Atlanta.
37. I'm Team Kandi.
38. My fave ice cream is mint chocolate chip.
39. I have a problem with cloth diapers. I am obsessed.  The most I've paid for one-$43.  For one diaper.
40. Yes, I had a goodmama. I lost it, though.  Just have an insert now.
41. I've never stolen anything.
42.  I never tell my husband how much diapers cost.
43. I love Johnny Depp. He's the dreamiest.
44. I think Darryl on the Walking Dead is HAWT.
45. I don't like wine, except Moscato d'Asti.
46. I do like bourbon. 
47. And rum.
48. And vodka.
49. But not gin.  It smells like turpentine to me.
50. I was offered full scholarships by 2 different colleges. I probably should have gone there but I'm hard headed and stubborn so I didn't.

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