Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Restashing Project, Part 4

I am a fitteds kinda girl.  It's the prints and the softness that gets me. Occasionally, though, I use AIOs or pockets. Or rather my family does. My husband especially prefers the one step diapers to my loves.

I found Kara of KanneKrafts on the Instagram.  I love IG, the silent beauty of it.  She posted a shot of some fabric and mentioned that it was only $15 ($15!!!) and I was sold.  

Princess and Squirrel love Miss Kitty White and advised me that Sugarbaby, too, was a fan.  They are certain of this.  So this sweet little number was part of her Valentine's Day gift.  
Cute, huh?
As a diaper, the KK pocket does well. It comes with a microfiber insert, and the PUL feels very thick. I had a little wicking around the legs, but it wasn't fully prepped when I used it and was very minimal.  It's a diaper that puts a smile on this mama's face every time I see it.  I don't use pockets personally, but it is frequently OTB when I get home from work so the hubs approves. 

I don't have any good OTB shots because Sugarbaby has taken to objecting to being still for pictures.

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