Tuesday, December 6, 2011

On the 2nd day of Giveaways, a blogger gave to me.....

Today I was perusing the page of my favorite custom diaper purveyor (Jen at Orange Diaper Co) and she mentioned a giveaway on the All About Cloth Diapers blog. This blogger mama is giving away stuff for 12 freakin' days!  I missed yesterday, but rest assured, I'll make the rest of the days.  Today's giveaway is HUGE!  It's too much to enumerate here.  Just go look for yourself.

I'm just kidding. The winner gets:

  • The Homestead Co diaper rash oil
  • Motherlove diaper and thrush cream
  • Fuzzi Bunz perfect fit
  • Bac-Out, a fluff destinkifier (my typing renders it a real word)
  • a Best Bottom dipe with a fleece topped, snap-in insert
  • and a surprise from Bee  AllNatural

So get your sweet patootie over there and try to win!

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