Thursday, December 29, 2011

Target Nurse-In, or my 5 minutes of fame

I haven't yet exactly decided I what direction I want this blog post to go in; I have so much to say.  Unless you've been living under a rock that isn't accessible by Wi-Fi, you've heard about Michelle Hickman, the TX mother who was hassled by Target employees.  I hesitate to use the word harassed because it didn't go that far, in my opinion.   They were more covertly disapproving than outright disrespectful.  This made national headlines because of the subsequent Target Nurse Ins, of which I was a participant.

We went to Target and we nursed our babies (actually I just rubbed my prego belly). We shopped and talked and laughed.  The kids played and drank Icees.  I saw an old friend and made some new ones.
Pssst!  I'm the brown one ;-)

We even made a couple of news outlets, like this and this and especially this last one-check me out!.

Target was fantastic about it. They are like my favoritest store EVER and I love them.  No issues with employees or with other customers at all. I honestly didn't expect any.  Target always rocks.

 I fear, though, that the goal of the Nurse Ins is being lost. To me, that goal is breastfeeding is normal and not something that is shameful or that should be hidden. Conversely, it's just a normal thing that deserves absolutely no attention at all.

I don't understand is why there is such a controversy about nursing in public and that is the issue at the heart of the Nurse Ins. How hypocritical is it to say "Breast is best!" but only when out of sight?  In every store that sells underpinnings, I see pictures of bra-clad women; no one flinches. When I nurse, my shirt stays on. How can that be more obscene?  Girls walk through the mall with tube tops and low rise jeans; no one says a word. When I nurse, I don't even have cleavage showing (maybe a bit of side boob if I'm only wearing one shirt). It's such overt hypocrasy that people are calling mothers who are caring for babies "whores" for giving their babies the very best. It's sickening.  If nursing truly bothers you, simply look away. You are not obligated to stare at strangers in public (and make an appointment with your psychiatrist to discover why you have such unusual sexual hang ups).

We're not trying to force anyone to drink the Koolaid, just to respect hungry babies and the mothers attached to them.  

Did you participate in the Target Nurse Ins? How do you feel about nursing in public?


  1. Amen! It's absolutely a double standard to see pictures of women in just their bras and underwear and girls running around half dressed and nobody bats an eye. But when a mom is feeding her baby, it's disgusting. Please! It shouldn't be an issue - but unfornuately, it is and I think the only way to help it not be an issue is to make it more show people it CAN be done in public in a decent way.

    BTW, I found you via Melody. Love her! :)

  2. Thanks, for your comment, Susan! I agree, this shouldn't even be an issue. We'll just have to be squeaky wheels until society reverts back to the point where breastfeeding is normal.

    And Melody ROCKS!