Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ready to Pop!

Okay, I'll admit it. I am ready to have this baby.  I am really excited, ever since my new goddaughter was born last Monday.  I won't do anything drastic to get it out but I do a few things. Here are some of the things I've done.

I started contracting yesterday. They actually got pretty strong and I threw up a few times. We thought we might get a little baby action but it didn't work out. I've been contracting all day today, too. They've been as close as every 5 minutes and as far as every 20 minutes.  A few have been painful but most are pretty mild.  So I'm trying to get my uterus on my side in the fetal eviction process.

1. Nookie.  Poor Lettuce, nookie doesn't interest me, especially since my girth has expanded to such epic proportions.  However, I suck it up *no pun intended* and get it on in the name of labor.  As you know, semen has prostoglandins that help the cervix ripen and thin.
Sex. Because I never learn.

2. Walking.  I don't like walking, or at least I didn't until we moved. I usually walk in the midnight hour, literally. I  walk between 12 am and 2 am because that's when the hubby is home from work, it's cool, there's no traffic, and the kids are asleep.  I also took Side Salad to the zoo this week.

3. Herbs. Not the ones that actually induce labor, though. I stick to the red raspberry leaf tea and a pregnancy tea blend. I like the Third Trimester Tea from Earth Mama Angel Baby

but it's had to find so I use the Traditional Medicines brand.
Not only are they delicious, hot tea is very relaxing to me.   

4. Body Positions. My womb contains a posterior baby, which may be why my contractions are either strong or regular but not both.  I do pelvic rocks as well as a modified childs pose.  I also sometimes get on all fours and just shake my hiney. Sounds nutty but it's supposed to help and the hubby finds it amusing.  Spinning Babies has some good stuff.

5. Spicy Food. Mongolian grilled it up with the Side Salad and my brother the other day. I made my eyes water and my uterus contract.  Tonight, I'll be having some habenero wings from Chilis.

6. Emotions. I watch exciting movies, the kinds that make you laugh or cry. I watched Airplane! with the hubby.   I saw the Hunger Games this week. May the odds [of going into labor] be ever in my favor.  As an aside, I never knew gold eyeliner could be so hawt on a guy.  

7.  Dancing. Tonight, I danced. I danced like I'd never danced before. I dropped it low with Esther Dean and C-Breezy.  I got busy with Sean Paul.  I wobbled along with V. I. C. 
WARNING: I didn't know my booty was so close to the screen when I taped it O_o

And now, I contract.  If things aren't shaking and baking by morning, I'm going to have to get a little more drastic.

I'm going to gallop down to the playground and get on a swing.

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