Friday, March 30, 2012

Foto Friday

All my honey bunnies <3

Today I am 40 weeks and a day, or 39 weeks and 5 days, depending on which due date you use.

Doesn't really matter now, does it? Either way, I'm full term.   Clearly, this fetus is the only person I know who is immune to the infectiously catchy Wobble.  Perhaps a friend of mine was right in suspecting I am in possession of a luxury womb. He said that between the cheese fries, the home cooked meals and the simple warm comfort, there was no incentive to leave.

Perhaps he's correct.

I think that I shan't worry about trying to jump start labor. Baby will come when it's ready. I haven't had one that failed to leave at some point yet.  It is true that the girls needed a little encouragement but perhaps the baby just isn't ready yet.

In the mean time.....
We're waiting on YOU!

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