Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 2: Help!!

Happy Easter!

We finally had some company last night!  I have 3 little brothers, though I use the term little loosely.  They are 22, 26, and 27. My baby brother is stationed in California so he only gets to see Popcorn by Skype. He was still the first to see her. My other two brothers both came by last night as did my mom and my extra brother (the 26 year old's best friend whom I absolutely LOVE). It was nice just to have someone here, which brings me to my topic for today, What New Mamas Want.

[Disclaimer: Of course I only speak for myself, but I can't be the only one who feels the way I do.]

I want some company and some help with the kids!!!

{I get lonely very easily.  I wish I had more company. I get frustrated when it's just me and the kids here.  Lettuce has to work so he's gone a lot already but he also just got a second job which means even more alone time.  Popcorn was sweet enough to be born on the first day of spring break so while I don't have to worry about making sure no one misses the bus I do have a house full of kids who just want to be kids. That means they want to run around, jump on the furniture, and all sorts of things.  No bueno. They annoy each other, make a mess, and wake the baby.  Plus, I'm still recuperating so nursing sometimes gives me after pains in my belly.}

The top 5 things that would help me right now
  1. Take the non-newborns to the zoo for a few hours.  I have a membership, so this wouldn't even cost anything. Or take them to the $2 movies, to family night at the children's museum, strawberry picking, etc. I want them to have fun on their spring break, but I can't do it with them.  
  2. Come and hold the baby while I bathe or sleep. Sometimes, I just need a break.
  3. Drop off dinner or a gift card for a restaurant.  My wonderful brother actually left pizza money for dinner tonight and I appreciate it so much! Most people will be having ham and whatnot but we'll be doing Domino's.  Better yet, make me this.
  4. Wrangle my kids for me. Make them clean up the way they know they are supposed to. I just don't have the energy for it and it's already starting to show.
  5. Just be here.  That's all. Watch TV with me.  I don't care. It's really lonely when your world is being controlled by a tiny tyrant who commandeered your body for nearly 41 weeks, put you through the ultimate physical challenge, and now demands my entire upper body.  Just don't leave me here with these kids!
  6. Bonus Points: help me take my braids out and wash my hair.  It's gross.  

 In baby news, Popcorn took the hugest poo two of the hugest poos EVER!  I was absolutely shocked at the size of it them.  I didn't know such a tiny baby could have so much poo in her. If we used disposables, it they would have been a blow out.  Like, ewww.  I can't stay mad. Look at that little face.
Enough with the camera, Ma. I'm trying to sleep.

Oh, and my milk came in!

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