Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 3: Kaboom!

A pre-nursing nap. Or is this a post-nursing nap? I forget.
As I was saying yesterday, my milk is in now. Baby Popcorn is a voracious nurser. This girl gets down to business.  She prefers to nurse on one side per feeding (about 15-20 min) and go until she falls off in a milky coma, complete with a sweaty nose and a satisfied grin. {I've been trying to catch that grin on camera all day.}  She sleeps for a few minutes, maybe 10, then wakes up to eat on the other side.  I know you're "supposed" to switch baby after 15 minutes but I just don't do it like that. We have a more child-led approach. After all, this ain't my belly we're filing. As long as my sweet baboo is happy, I'm happy.

Speaking of happy, I'm about to throw all the big kids out. I swear it sounds like they are remodeling my living room out there.
Except this one. He's too cute.
Gotta make sure we are latched on right-areola, not nipple.
I spend a a good bit of time making sure we have good latch every time I nurse because good latch is vital.  I don't want cracked or sore nipples. I already have lanolin waiting JIC but I'd rather have intact nipples.  I haven't had to deal with engorgement (yet) this time, which makes it a lot easier for me. My motto is, "You can nurse too little, but you can't nurse too much."   Nursing is my default action for her. It may seem excessive but it truly works for us.  She's fed and happy, our nursing is becoming well established.

Anyways, now that my milk is in, Popcorn does more than just eat and sleep. She's picked up a new skill:  she "looks."  She likes to gaze around at her siblings and walls and other fascinating things. She supplements this skill by "making faces at things."  She does some cute ones.  I'm glad she's found a new outlet for her creativity.

I'm not angry. I just look this way.

Reflecting on the time I spent in utero....

Oh and I forgot her biggest skill: filling her diaper.  And man, is she good at it. She was taking an nap and let loose a bowel bellow worthy of a oil tanker.  We're starting off with gDiapers this time and I'm so happy.  There isn't as much trash as with sposies and I'm not up to doing laundry so this is perfect.  If we were using sposies, she'd be blowing the backs out but cloth contains better.   Her last poo was all the way yellow-no meconium at all.  In the words of Squirrel, "You know like Tinkerbell's hair?  That kind of yellow."  Even at 6, she has the eloquence of her mother.  This is a good thing and means her little GI track is up and running.  All that colostrum she guzzled really cleared her out. Her first pediatrician appointment is on Wednesday.

Snuggle time with Daddy <3
Mama-wise, I feel less overwhelmed, probably because the hubby is off today.  I'm not going to lie. It's not peaches and cream every second, though it may seem like that when I blog. I get frustrated, I get tired and I am very much overwhelmed.  I just try to take things moment-by-moment.  I don't look at the big picture, because the big picture is too much sometimes.  But today is pretty good.  He is kid-wrangling and cooking and cleaning and even went to the grocery store.  He had to call me three times and took exceptionally long, but at least he went.  He's off tomorrow, too :)  I still wish some of my friends would come by but I know people always feel like they are intruding when you have a new baby.  My mother and some of her friends my drop by today. Hopefully they will.

Sweet baby toes; is there anything more precious?

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