Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Looking forward to the Summer

This is a totally un-baby post. I was just thinking about the fact that the kids have about a month and a half left of school before they are home the summer.  I want the kids to have some enriching experiences and a lot of fun.  I've been looking into unschooling and it sounds like a great way to help them learn and explore without making things so structured that they have no summer. My good friend R is such an inspiration to me in this area. She is a like minded mama of 3 who unschools her handsome boys.

I think that I'd like to explore two themes this summer and have the kids interact with them in a variety of ways.  The first theme would be dinosaurs and I haven't determined the second theme yet. I have all these ideas for how we can learn about dinosaurs in a cross curricular way.  Here are a couple of my current ideas:

  • Pangaea maps
  • Making fossils
  • Zoo trips to learn about the descendants of and modern day relatives of dinosaurs
  • Maybe a dinosaur skeleton puzzle, if I could find one
  • Museum trips to touch dino stuff
  • Music and whatnot
  • Dinosaur life cycle tableau replete with dramatic music [I can see my kids doing this with mock seriousness]
  • All culminating with a journal of a cavekid. Yes, I know that humans and dinos didn't coexist, but think of the creative writing combined with the practical knowledge. Even Side Salad could do it, albeit a pictorial journal.

Maybe we could even do a joint theme.......hmmmm.....

Any suggestions for the second theme?

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