Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 27: Sick, sick, sick. [[Warning: KINDA GROSS]]

Yesterday, I was quite ill. I mean, no posting statuses on Facebook ill. it really started the night before. Monday, my brother Butter Bean and I went to the Waffle House and then to get my oil changed. I noticed that my cheesesteak had a ridiculous amount of pepper on it. It tasted and smelled like pepper. I mentioned it to my brother, but didn't make more of it.
Uncle Butter Bean and Baby Popcorn, a couple of weeks ago

Later that night, I noticed that when I burped, it smelled and tasted like vomit. My daughter actually walked by and thought someone had been sick. That was my first sign that something was wrong.

About 5:30 am, I was hit with a stomach pain that can only be described as labor-like.  It was that bad. I had to vomit and it was like pure acid. I immediately sent for some baking soda just to neutralize the acidity.  Then I threw up a disgusting foamy, non-acidic mess.

Then, the real fun began.

The abdominal pains were foretellers of the watery diarrhea that would haunt me for the rest of the day. It was awful and painful and miserable. I was so dehydrated my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth. My lips were all dry and whatnot. Lettuce went and got me some Gatorade.  I was extremely concerned about getting dehydrated, what with nursing and all. Mercifully, Popcorn slept nearly the entire day and night, as if she knew I was ill.

I'm not sure if it was a tummy bug or food poisoning but I suspect the latter.  I was the only one who was sick and tummy bugs are notoriously contagious. We are a family of seven living in a tiny house so someone else would have gotten sick.  Also, I think the random, copious pepper was a ruse to cover meat that was past its prime.  Let me explain. I used to work at the Waffle, way back in 2001, and then 2002-2003 (#1198, one of my absolutely favorite jobs ever!) when the cheesesteak was new.  Since its inception, I have only NOT ordered a cheesesteak once and that was because they were out.  And I almost went to another Waffle House (we literally had 4 in a ten minute radius) but I didn't want to waste gas.  I know how they are supposed to be made.  Not with pepper. I am going to call that Waffle House and let them know, tomorrow.

Plus I googled my symptoms ;) Sounds like Giardia, to me.

In baby news, Popcorn is getting heavy!  She has a healthy appetite. She is able to wear more of her outfits.  She's got double dimples in her elbows and kissable cheeks, though the excessive kissing is giving her a horrid case of baby acne.  She's also got what looks like contact dermatitis on her forehead, all through her eyebrow area.  It's flakey and yellowish. This terrifies me, especially in conjunction with her milk sensitivity. It's like Squirrel all over again.  Or maybe it's just cradle cap and I'm a paranoid mama.  I am about to start making detergent again, for the dipes, but we may use it for all the clothes.  That would be for the best.


Gina's Laundry Detergent (I don't remember where I got the recipe from)

  • Washing Powder
  • Oxygen Cleaner
  • Borax

Mix equal amounts of each ingredient.  Put it in the washing machine and use it.  If you want smells, add a couple drops of essential oil, but be careful because some can irritate skin.  

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