Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 28: Guess who's an infant!

Popcorn is 4 weeks old today!  This is an important milestone. You see, a baby is a newborn until it is 28 days old. After 28 days, it is an infant. My sweet girl is now an infant. I'll miss those newborn days-the sweet just born smell, the little uncoordinated movements.
It's been a run.  Here are a few of her highlights:

  • smiled
  • lifted head
  • pooped over 100 times
  • survived a mama mishap*
  • became famous over Facebook
  • rolled overA
  • developed newborn acne and cradle cap (on scalp and eyebrows)
  • helped Mommy get over mastitis
  • started having awake time that didn't involve wailing
  • slept 6 hours straight at night (from about 1 am to about 7am last night).

She's had a very busy month
She's growing so much! She'll get weighed again on Monday so I'll be able to calculate how much weight she's gained.
Popcorn, freshly popped

Popcorn, 28 days later 

In honor of her graduation from newborn to infant, I am going to share the story of her name.

Popcorn's name is Maiya Eliana.  I selected Maiya because it's a Hebrew name (like Astronaut, Princess, and Squirrel).  It comes from the Hebrew ma'yam, meaning "a spring or brook."  All three girls have names that have to do with water.  Princess's name means "dew from Heaven" and Squirrel's name means "autumn rain" (why yes, she was born on a rainy, fall day).  Eliana is also Hebrew.  It means "God has answered."  I was doing some serious praying about somethings when we conceived her.  And she was my answer.  The very best answer of all <3
More Popcorn Pictures, in chronological order
My sugarplum 

Showing off her accessory

Now she wants to look at the pictures on the wall

Then her headband started coming off...

She remembered her hands are super fun!

Partial smile...Mama was late on the shutter

*Mom-fession: A few days ago, Popcorn and I went to run an errand or two. When we got back, I was trying to get the baby in the carseat replete with screaming newborn, diaper bag, and bags from Kohl's and Target in the house.  I set the carseat down to open the screen door and it went whooshing down the stairs like a sled.  P was surprised and stopped crying, I was devastated and ashamed.  She was buckled in tightly so she was fine.  There are only four steps so it wasn't that serious in the grand scheme of things. This is my 5th freakin' kid!  I've never dropped on before, not even when I was an 18 year old first time mom. Not when I was a frazzled 21 year old mom working two jobs. Not when I was an overworked 23 year old mom of 3. Not when I was a totally zen, easy going 26 year old mom of four.  Noooooo, I make this stupid careless mistake at the point at which it should have never happened SMH.  I cried. Popcorn just looked at me, then milked it (me) for all it was worth.

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