Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 30: Happy 1 month, Popcorn

Today, Popcorn is officially one month old.  We went to church today, my first time since she was born and her first time ever.

The day started off with her being naughty. Instead of nursing, she wanted to make faces and stick out her tongue at me. I sternly reminded her that there was no eating in the car and she got her act together

We finally made it to church, about 15 minutes late.  Popcorn nodded off a bit by then.

However, once church started she made her presence know. I've said it before and I'll say it again: this chickadee has some pipe on her!  I have been working on a nursing room at church and I made use of it today.  It needs a little more work. I want to have some emergency diapers in there. I'm going to donate the diapers from my diaper cake, since we use cloth, and a pack of wipes. I already put a play yard in there.

You may wonder why I didn't nurse her in church.  Nursing an itty bitty is involved. Sometimes she needs  little help with latch and lots of support.  It's easier to bare a boob so I used the room. When she's a little older and can get herself on well all the time, NIP is much easier.   

Even though she was fed and changed, she was still fussy.  I ended up putting her in the sling. She quieted down and went to sleep, and I took communion.
Who needs a headband when you're asleep

After service, she got to meet the pastor who will be christening her in a few months (as soon as she can fit Squirrel's gown).

We had a little photobomber in the shot ;-)

Anywho, tomorrow is a busy day so I need to detach this baby and put her to bed, do some laundry, and make me some cookies.

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