Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Sulfur....Cure?

More expensive stuff-$15 an ounce
Yesterday, I went to the Vitamin Shoppe and got the sulfur and also some uritica urens for Squirrel. I got the Biorons brand ($6.99 each) and the girl gave me a sample of Peaceful Mountain Eczema Rescue homeopathic gel.  The gel is opaque and reddish, like a red clay mud.  I gave her 3 uritica urens (she had a few bites of orange sherbet at school today and uritica urens is indicated for rashes due to skin allergies) and 3 sulfur about 30-45 minutes later.  I rubbed on a bit of the gel on her to alleviate her itchies. I didn't want to give her everything at once, but the milk in the sherbet was a surprise and needed to be addressed.

The uritica urens was a one time shot. It's only being used as needed. Let me add that after using it, she didn't have her using crippling stomach ache from eating no-no foods.  I'll let you know if I have to repeat this in the future.

This is the regime that I will be using:

  • 3 Sulfur 30c twice a day (morning and evening) NPO 15 minutes before or after
  • Calendula oil or olive oil after baths
  • Exederm cream for moisturizing (I have to reorder so it will be a coupe of days till we resume this one) 
I will continue to blog daily (or every other day) and I am also following another mama whose baby girl is in the same plight. Dawn at Everything Birth is chronicling the same treatment.  When I read her blog, I really felt her pain. I remember when Squirrel was a baby and then a toddler. I too wish she'd hurry up and grow up so she'd understand that scratching was bad.  It's like I couldn't enjoy her babyhood because I wanted her out of it. I got a little teary because even though she's older, she can't help but scratch. 

 This is how her skin looked today, day two of her treatment.
Less dryness and much more even toned

Less peeling, still very dry 

Still scaly, no peeling

Still dry and peely

Still peely and scaly
It's still scaly and dry but less so. Her legs look pretty rough but that's also because she insists on wearing these pants that are like windsuit pants lined with fleece. They look hot.  That heat and rubbing won't allow her skin to repair itself.  Remember, this is a 6 1/2 year old.  She has to have some autonomy.

Squirrel says that her skin feels softer and that it itches less. I noticed that she's been touching her skin as opposed to scratching.  Her neck looks more like a child and less like an old woman.  Her mood is much, much better. She's smiling and laughing as opposed to yelling and whining. There's no screaming at her siblings. My baby feels better.

Have we found the cure?  I'll keep you posted!

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